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Writing Your Way Through Divorce

Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Writing Your Way Through Divorce Ever since my book came out, I have had many women (okay, 3) ask me, “When did you know you were ready to change your life, you know, go in a whole new direction?” What? I had NO IDEA.  That decision was made for me when my husband told me he had decided to make other plans for the rest of his life. At 48 I thought things were pretty much set, we would become empty nesters, do a big vacation once a year and then maybe buy a condo with pool access. Not so fast. When I first began my journey...

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Everything Old is New Again

Posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2012

I’m a sister wife!!  My ex has remarried.  As he said in his wedding speech, (of which a video was smuggled out of the ceremony and into my greedy hands, ) he has met the love of his life.  Hello?  Does 27 years of folded socks, dry cleaning pick up, oh- and birthing four children count for nothing these days?  Please dont tell that to this uterus that now hits the water when I sit down to pee. Was I a perfect wife?  Sooorrrrt of…..I admit there were a...

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