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Oh The Places I’ve BIN

Posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Oh The Places I’ve BIN A few years ago, when M and I moved into our house, we rented (and by WE, I mean M) a storage unit for the things we (and by WE, I mean ME) just could not part with, but weren’t sure we had room for. This included an arts and crafts table in case I DID ever get the urge to glue a bunch of tile shards onto plates again, a Mt. Everest sized pile of fake rattan patio furniture, and bins and bins of photos and momentos from the last 40 years of our lives. M was able to pile it all into the...

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Brand New Boyfriend, Same Old Family Means Holiday Fun

Posted on Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Brand New Boyfriend, Same Old Family Means Holiday Fun Ahh, the holidays. The festivities, the pine tinged air, the twinkling lights, the carol singing, (Please do not knock on my door after 5 PM and start singing carols I will either open the door and laugh my ass off, or depending on how it went at work that day and how many glasses of wine I have downed since returning home,  I may start crying and ask you all to come in and explain Google Analytics to me, because I have been at my job for a year now and I STILL DON’T GET IT and...

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