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Born August of 1960. That makes me…old. I can tell you that defining moment that got me where I am today. I was a junior at the University of North Texas, on my way to take a Spanish exam that I had not studied for. Suddenly I had a flash of brilliance. Why waste time taking an exam I will never pass, when I have a perfectly good boyfriend that I can marry and have babies with, and who will eventually be able to support me in a style of my choosing? It makes good sense, doesn’t it? I turned around, went to the bursars’ office, withdrew from school and was an Army wife within three weeks.

Fast forward 27 years of marriage and four children later. I am sitting on my patio in Florida, with my new chaise lounges, of which I was immensely proud, listening to my husband tell me he has been having an affair. If you want the details, read my blog, but suffice it to say, it is not a pretty story. It involves a Swiss blonde pastry chef and the end of life as I knew it. Here’s the kicker though, life went on.

One door closes another one opens. My blog is about moving forward, getting through the anger and finding happiness and humor even in tough times.  And my book gives you all the gory details…

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Amy Koko


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